Terminal Logo Special
Type Special Building
Specialty +50% International Trains passenger and mail capacity
Theme Nippon
Size 21 Space
Purchasing Information
Shop Info: Gold Shop Info: Gems
Cost 550,000 20x20px
135,000 20x20px
100,000 20x20px
Cost 210 Gems
Buy XP 21.500 XP Buy XP 21.500 XP
Level 67 Level 61
Limit 1 Limit 1
Contract shop Information
Bobby's Butik
Statistik Koster Køb XP Skal bruges i
Pass/t +42Passenger/h 100.000 Glass
100.000 Steel
120.000 Rubber
25.000 XP    Bobby's Terminal is NOT a Special Building
Kontrakt #: 30
Størrelse 21 Space
Pass pr felt 2,00 Passenger/Space
Other Information
Your International Trains can take +50% more passengers and mail, whenever the building is in use.

Terminal is a Special Building that adds a bonus of +50% to the number of passengers and mail carried by Passenger Wagons Icon Shop Passenger Wagon , Mail Wagons Icon Shop Mail Wagon , and Passenger & Mail Wagons Icon Shop PassMail Wagon pulled by International Trains. The bonus also applies to Special Wagons Icon Shop XP Wagon .

See also:

Added to the Shop with the 16 Jun 2011 Game Update.

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