Switch Outpost Logo Special
Switch Outpost
Type Special Bygning
Speciel Redirects International Trains to where it is placed
Tema Bratislava
Størrelse 9 Space
Købs Information
Butiks pris: Guld Butiks pris: Juveler
Pris 54.500 Glass
48.600 U-235
77.400 Titanium
Pris N/A
Køb XP 17.000 XP Køb XP
Level 140 Level
Max antal 1 Max antal
Redirects incoming International Trains to the Station at which it is placed, cleaning up the traffic a bit. For example, if placed at your Second Station, International Trains will always appear at that location.

Added to the Shop with the 22 Dec 2011 Game Update.

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