Library of Ghent Icon Shop Building
Library of Ghent
Type Bygning
Tema Metropolis
Passenger/timen +68 Passenger/t
Størrelse 10 Space
Udbytte/felt 6,80 Passenger/Space
Special pris information
Tilbuds Type Tilbuds Dato Pris Køb XP Level Max køb
Icon Shop SO Special 23 Okt 2012 40.000 Glass
55.000 Cement
55.000 Marble
12.300 XP 80 2 stk
Icon Shop VO Vintage 1 Sep 2013 29.700 Glass
40.500 Cement
37.800 Marble
50 4 stk
Belønning information
Belønning fra Ancient Blueprints Icon Shop Mystery Max
"Library of Ghent" is modeled after the "Book Tower" (Boekentoren) in Ghent, Belgium. This tower, located at various buildings of Ghent University, is often considered Ghent's most well known building but not the most beautiful. Its ground floor is open to students for studying purposes.

The real "Library of Ghent".