In TrainStation you have access to a number of different resources: Materials, Gold, Gems.


Gold Gold.png (Gold old.png old icon) is used throughout TrainStation to buy items and complete contracts. Gold can be earned through sending passenger and mail wagons, leveling up, completing contracts and selling items. Gold is also used as the tax for Steam Engines.


Gems Gems.png (Gems old.png old icon) are TrainStation’s premium currency. Although TrainStation is truly playable and enjoyable without spending money, Pixel Federation must pay their employees and various administrative fees to provide a game that is worth attention. If you wish to support the game, you will receive some sweet premium stuff in return. Gems are also available from Mr. Bill, who delivers 1–3 gems to you each day, from completing contracts, from the daily login bonus and from the mini-game.


In TrainStation, materials are used to build Buildings, buy Themes and Extensions, buy Locomotives and wagons for trains, complete Contracts, complete some Achievements, and pay tax to dispatch trains. You gather materials by sending out Local Trains with Cargo Wagons, from Express Trains, and from Gifts. You may also receive materials from friends sending you International Trains and from the mini-game.

Materials include:

Resource Icon Old Icon Level Sell Price Notes
Wood Wood.png Wood old.png 1 3 Gold.png / Wood.png
Nails Nails.png Nails old.png 1 3 Gold.png / Nails.png
Bricks Bricks.png Bricks old.png 15 3 Gold.png / Bricks.png
Glass Glass.png Glass old.png 21 4 Gold.png / Glass.png
Fuel Fuel.png Fuel old.png 25 4 Gold.png / Fuel.png Tax for Diesel trains
Steel Steel.png Steel old.png 27 4 Gold.png / Steel.png
Gravel Gravel.png Gravel old.png 28 4 Gold.png / Gravel.png
U-235 U-235.png Uranium old.png 40 5 Gold.png / U-235.png

Tax for Electric & Maglev trains

Cement Cement.png Cement old.png 49 5 Gold.png / Cement.png
Rubber Rubber.png Rubber old.png 54 5 Gold.png / Rubber.png
Carbon Carbon.png Carbon old.png 58 5 Gold.png / Carbon.png
Titanium Titanium.png Titanium old.png 62 5 Gold.png / Titanium.png
Marble Marble.png Marble old.PNG 64 6 Gold.png / Marble.png
Wires Wires.png Wires old.png 66 6 Gold.png / Wires.png
Plastics Plastics.png Plastics old.png 68 6 Gold.png / Plastics.png
Silicon Silicon.png Silicon old.png 70 6 Gold.png / Silicon.png

Denne kategori indeholder for øjeblikket hverken sider eller medie-filer.

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