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Pixel Federation has two kinds of Limited Offer (abbreviation: LO). The main type is similar to the Special Offer (abbreviation: SO). Like the SO, an LO presents items in the Shop for a limited time. Unlike the SO, LO items are available for one or two weeks, or even up to three months. This type of LO expires for all players at the same time.

Limited gem offer

The second type of LO occurs when Pixel offers gems to players at discounted rates. When a player logs in to the game when this type of offer is active, the game presents a screen informing the player of the number of gems available for purchase and at what price. The price and number of gems differ for each player, based on each player's level and each player's history of gems purchases. Often, Pixel will offer a bonus locomotive as an additional incentive. This type of LO expires 72 hours after a player first logs in and sees the offer

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