Kontrakt Profil
Please meet Giovanni. This charismatic Italian is all into art and fashion, and he would absolutely use some help of yours. Added with the 30 Maj 2013 Game Update.
Sværhedsgrad Svær
Portrait full Giovanni
Antal kontrakter 100
Minimum Level 150
Tur tid 4 Timer
Afsluttende belønning 3 Local Train Slots
Brugbare lokomotiver Icon Shop Loco Damp
Icon Shop Diesel Diesel
Icon Shop Electric Elektrisk
Icon Shop Maglev Maglev
Butik Giovanni's Butik
Anden information Historie
Contractor Station Street Sizes
Maximum Passengers Per Hour

Contract list

Train sets rewarded

Giovanni gives the following train sets as rewards for completing his contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.

Icon Shop Passenger Wagon Passengers
19 AGV Express
27 Silver Screen
79 Teatro Express
87 Arte Italiana
99 Art on Rails
Icon Shop Cargo Cargo
10 Construction Freight
49 Landscape Architect
64 Venetian Virtuoso
71 Leone Constructions
Icon Shop XP Wagon Special
35 Cinema Industry Tech

Image Gallery

Giovanni Contracts Completion Pictures
(quoting Facebook texts)
On Facebook In-game announcement
Venice has become even more beautiful
• Graphics after the reconstruction of old palace is finished.
• From collection of Giovanni's 21st contract.
Giovanni Contract 21 Facebook
Giovanni Contract 21 Splash
Film about painter surprised
• Graphics after the film about Titian (The Genius of Venice) is finished.
• From collection of Giovanni's 43rd contract.
Giovanni Contract 43 Facebook
Giovanni Contract 43 Splash
Vivaldi's school draws attention of the media
• Graphics after the Vivaldi's music academy finished is finished.
• From collection of Giovanni's 65th contract.
Giovanni Contract 65 Facebook
Giovanni Contract 65 Splash
Theater floating on water sold out all seats!
• Graphics after the celebratory banquet in the Floating Theater started.
• From collection of Giovanni's 84th contract.
Giovanni Contract 84 Facebook
Image missing
Art on Rails under construction!
• Graphics after construction of the Art on Rails train set started.
• From collection of Giovanni's 99th contract.
Giovanni Contract 99 Facebook
Giovanni Contract 99 Splash
Final Contract: I have just taken control over Giovanni's company in TrainStation!
• Final contract's graphics.
• From collection of Giovanni's final contract.
Giovanni Completion Facebook
Image missing
Contractor Portrait until November 14th, 2013 Certificate from Giovanni granting you the use of his station
Giovanni Ownership