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Minimum level: 60
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Generator I Generator I
Deliver 22.000 Bricks to your station
Whistle 40 Whistle 23.000
Achievement Generator II Generator II
Use 50 Whistle
Icon Shop Cargo 5x Steel Powerful 25.000
Achievement Generator III Generator III
Dispatch 80 Icon Shop Diesel
Gems 10 Gems 30.000


Minimum level: 180
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Engine I Motor I
Byg 30 Icon Shop Building på din station
Icon Shop Flag 2x Supreme Boost
45% Passenger, 45% Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Engine II Motor II
Dispatch 300 Icon Shop Electric by local or IT
Icon Shop Diesel CC300 Triple
Icon Shop Diesel , 28 Icon Power
Achievement Engine III Motor III
Saml 200.000 U-235 på din egen station
Gems 10 Gems 210.000


Minimum level: 380
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Mechanism I Mechanisme I
Send 100 Icon Shop Hyperloop on IT
Icon Shop Flag 2x Glorious Boost
90% Passenger, 90% Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Mechanism II Mechanisme II
Spend 60.000 Bismuth in shop
Icon Shop Building Hudson Tower
+496Passenger/h, 11 Space
Achievement Mechanism III Mechanisme III
Unload 7.000 Wagons from Local, Express or IT trains
Gems 15 Gems 3.800.000

Ærefuld Diesel

Minimum level: 500
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Diesel Glory Ærefuld Diesel
Køb Ærefuld Diesel Icon Shop Decoration
Gems 75 Gems 20.000.000


Announcement Diesel Domination

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Minimum level: 31
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Intake I Intake I
Køb 15 Icon Shop Decoration
Gold 30.000 Gold 4.000
Achievement Intake II Intake II
Saml 45 pakker
fra dine venners stationer
Whistle 25 Whistle 5.000
Achievement Intake III Intake III
Brug 50 flæjter Whistle
Icon Shop Diesel EMD BL-2
Icon Shop Diesel , 6 Icon Power


Minimum level: 87
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Compression I Compression I
Køb 5 Mystery Depots Icon Shop Mystery
Icon Shop Flag Impressive Boost
60% Passenger, 60% Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Compression II Compression II
Sell 50.000 Wood
Whistle 25 Whistle 20.000
Achievement Compression III Compression III
Tøm 180 Icon Shop Diesel diesel tog
returning from 45 min destination.
Gems 10 Gems 23.000


Minimum level: 132
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Power I Power I
Buy 15 Buildings Icon Shop Building
from San Francisco theme
Whistle 40 Whistle 50.000
Achievement Power II Power II
Deliver 100.000 Silicon
Icon Shop Flag Majestic Boost
75% Passenger, 75% Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Power III Power III
Dispatch 250 Icon Shop Diesel by local or international trains
Gems 15 Gems 70.000


Minimum level: 272
Name + Goal to achieve Reward XP
Achievement Exhaust I Exhaust I
Spend 3.000.000 Carbon in shop
Icon Shop Flag Premium Limit Pro
200% Passenger, 40% Income, 7d 0h Duration
Achievement Exhaust II Exhaust II
Unload 13,000 wagons from local or Express trains
Gems 20 Gems 700.000
Achievement Exhaust III Exhaust III
Send 40 Icon Shop Diesel by International Trains
Icon Shop Diesel SNCB Class 55
Icon Shop Diesel , 28 Icon Power