Kontrakt Profil
Daniel is a dieselpunk magnate, ankom sammen med Diesel Domination i 2017 for en begrænset tid.

Tilføjet med opdateringen d. 21 Aug 2017 aktiv fra d. 22 Aug 2017 kl 18:00 GMT. Han forlader TrainStation d. 11 Sep 2017.

Sværhedsgrad Midlertidig
Portrait full Daniel (2017)
Antal kontrakter 7
Minimum Level 450
Tur tid 4 Timer
Afsluttende belønning 150 Gems
Brugbare lokomotiver Icon Shop Loco Damp
Icon Shop Diesel Diesel
Icon Shop Electric Elektrisk
Icon Shop Maglev Maglev
Butik Daniel's Butik (2017)
Anden information Historie

Contract list

Train sets rewarded

Daniel gives the following train sets as a reward for completing his contracts.
The number before the name of the set is the contract number that awards the final piece of the set.

Icon Shop Cargo Cargo
5 Speedster Cargo

Extra rewards

Pixel Federation rewarded the first 10 players to finish Daniel's contracts with a T-shirt and a decoration:

Icon Shop Decoration Decoration Place
Golden Speedster Golden Speedster 1st
Silver Speedster Silver Speedster 2nd through 10th
Shirt1 Shirt2 Shirt3

Top 10 Winners

Still unknown


Daniel Coming Soon

Daniel Teaser

Announcement Daniel

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