Container Storage Logo Special
Container Storage
Type Special Bygning
Speciel +50% International Trains cargo capacity
Tema Nippon
Størrelse 20 Space
Købs Information
Butiks pris: Guld Butiks pris: Juveler
Pris 550.000 Gold
100.000 Fuel
135.000 Steel
Pris 210 Gems
Køb XP 21.000 XP Køb XP 21.000 XP
Level 67 Level 61
Max antal 1 Max antal 1
Your International Trains can take +50% more cargo, whenever the building is in use.

Container Storage is a Special Building that adds a bonus of +50% to the amount of materials carried by cargo wagons pulled by International Trains when leaving a player's station. The bonus also applies to Special Wagons, also called "XP Wagons", that are attached to cargo trains. Special Wagons attached to passenger-mail trains receive this bonus from Terminal instead of Container Storage.

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Added to the Shop with the 16 Jun 2011 Game Update.