Baikonur Cosmodrome Icon Shop Building
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Type Bygning
Tema Metropolis
Passenger/timen +378 Passenger/t
Størrelse 29 Space
Udbytte/felt 13,03 Passenger/Space
Købs Information
Butiks pris: Guld Butiks pris: Juveler
Pris 1.550.000 Fuel
1.950.000 Cement
1.550.000 Titanium
Pris 300 Gems
Køb XP 300.000 XP Køb XP 150.000 XP
Level 120 Level 120
Max antal 1 Max antal 1
Added to the Shop with the 12 Jul 2012 Game Update.

This building is animated. The two support towers next to the rocket periodically fall away from the rocket and then raise back up to support it.