5th Av. Malachite Icon Shop Building
5th Av. Malachite
Type Bygning
Tema unknown
Passenger/timen +84 Passenger/t
Størrelse 8 Space
Udbytte/felt 10,50 Passenger/Space
Købs Information
Butiks pris: Guld Butiks pris: Juveler
Pris 255.000 Fuel
275.000 Gravel
245.000 Cement
Pris 135 Gems
Køb XP 86.000 XP Køb XP 86.000 XP
Level 162 Level 152
Max antal 2 Max antal 3
The limits for gems and material are counted separately, so a Max of 5 is possible.

Theme changed to New York as part of the 30 Aug 2016 Game Update.